8 Backpacking tips for beginners

When a traveler wants to travel abroad with backpacking, a traveler should know the consequences. The traveler should take care of all the needs of its own. But quietly, you can follow the 8 backpacking tips especially for beginners here.

Most tourists who want to go abroad will usually use the Agency services. This way is indeed practical. A traveler just specifies destinations and specify the departure date. But, of course, it needs to be a considerable cost, isn't it?

Well, for you the traveler who prefers to go alone without going through tour agents, no need to get confused. Your traveling abroad with backpacking can also be fun. Surely by setting up all the equipment alone and must be detailed. Therefore, in order to nothing is missed while backpacking, try to follow this:

Backpacking tips for beginners

1. Determine the best possible destinations

Traveling without a tour agent service that means you will take care of all by alone, as well as choose the right destination. If through an agent, you can ask about the destination that you want to visit. It's different if you're backpacking. Don't worry, at this time, many sites that explain in detail the various destinations in the world.

Search information as much as possible. Ranging from how to get there, where to stay, what is culinary, and the gift shop specifically. You can also read the story of the traveler who has been more used to be there on their blog.

2. Scan the self-identifier and itinerary

Before leaving, it is better to scan some of the identifiers you have, including the itinerary. copy into two, the one you can save itself in the mobile phone and the other can be given to the families at home. This step is just to anticipate if there are unwanted things later when traveling.

3. Take note and learn some of the light conversations using the local language

Take note and learn some of the languages of light conversation, especially if the population there is less to understand English. Knowing the light conversation in the local language would help a traveler, especially when asking directions and addresses as well as shopping.

4. Bring stationery and map

Bring always stationery, maps, and paper. The stationery and paper are very important if the traveler having difficulties to communicate with the locals. As well as maps, especially a map of lodging. The locals usually will quickly understand if you showed a map where you mean.

5. Prepare the money

In addition to language and documents, the currency is also important. Make sure you bring the most common currencies, namely the US Dollar which could be directly exchanged into local currency. Exchange your money with the local currency and use everything possible. But it could also you already set it up and exchanging them while still in your home country.

6. No need to bring too much stuff

Bring your accommodation sufficiently. prepare just thin clothes so that you're not too difficult.

7. Find out the weather there

Before leaving, find out first about the weather information at the place of your destination. This is very important and is related to the accommodation needs to be prepared so that you can customize the weather at your destination. Mainly clothes, medicines and so on.

Travel by backpacking

8. Don't decide quickly to buy the card provider mobile

Currently, traveling without social media seems to be impossible. This is inevitable because this is a hobby of the traveler, post location where they are located. But don't rush to buy the card provider of mobile, better use wifi only. In this way, it is kind of difficult, but this way the traveler could save money that should be used to buy the card provider of mobile for other purposes. But if a traveler wants to easily access the internet anywhere no matter if the traveler bought the card provider of mobile in the country of your destination.

Hopefully with the above backpacking tips can be useful for the traveler who will be backpacking, especially for beginners.

Have a nice traveling!


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