Traveling to Nicaragua by visiting Granada

Traveling to Nicaragua is probably one of the purposes of the traveler to fill out a vacation with the family

Nicaragua is a country in Central America and has many interesting tourist attractions visited by the traveler.

Not complete your traveling to Nicaragua if not visiting Granada. This ancient colonial city is one of the oldest cities in America and is a beautiful and romantic city.

The natural beauty of Granada is also very amazing. Granada is surrounded by abundant natural scenery and it is perfect for lovers of the outdoors. Ready to learn more? Here are five reasons why Granada is very special,

1. Architecture

One of the inherent attraction of Granada is a city of Spain's colonial architecture that is well maintained. The building is pastel striped like crayons stacked in a box. Many of the buildings have been restored to display their elegance, but there remains the hallmark on this building. Don't miss the 16th-century Iglesia de la Merced, which is also one of the best places to get great views of the city and the red-roofed building tiles, gardens courtyards and baroque details.

Traveling to Granada Nicaragua

2. Feel of small town

Granada might be one of the most developed tourist destinations in Nicaragua, but it still offers the feel of a small town. In the small town, local residents gathered on the sidewalk while occupied rocking chair to enjoy a cold night. Children playing football in the Park, enjoy public places. Rent a carriage around the city, seeing many people greet each other when you cross the road. So everyone is aware that you are in Granada.

3. Fine dining

Granada is also a place that fit to eat delicious food because of so many extreme food variety. It's good you taste the delicacy a sushi stand out made by the natives. Head of Central Park and reservations vigaron from one of the food stalls have yucca dish, and cabbage salad. This is delicious and very suitable to eliminate hunger. Be sure to taste the mixture of chocolate, cacao, cinnamon, vanilla, and milk.

4. Activities Around

One of the best parts of Granada is a base to explore the area around the Masaya Volcano is an active volcano. Masaya market shopping. Go hiking through the Mombacho Volcano National Reserve. Kayak ride through the lush island in Lake Nicaragua. You guys might be able to use public buses to many destinations, but you better hire a private driver. You will not only save a lot of time, your driver is happy to help you to practice Spanish and also share the tips for insider of Spain.

Traveling to Nicaragua at Masaya Volcano

5. Society

Nicaragua has a very friendly community. The people of Nicaragua have a sincere heart. If you are not proficient in speaking Spain, do not go away, and be sure to bring a book to start a conversation. However, local residents in Granada become very friendly and nice, they often offer us help to find the way, explain certain foods are tasty here, or just throw a smile when you pass them.


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