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Traveling to Nicaragua by visiting Granada

Traveling to Nicaragua is probably one of the purposes of the traveler to fill out a vacation with the family

Nicaragua is a country in Central America and has many interesting tourist attractions visited by the traveler.

Not complete your traveling to Nicaragua if not visiting Granada. This ancient colonial city is one of the oldest cities in America and is a beautiful and romantic city.

The natural beauty of Granada is also very amazing. Granada is surrounded by abundant natural scenery and it is perfect for lovers of the outdoors. Ready to learn more? Here are five reasons why Granada is very special,

1. Architecture

One of the inherent attraction of Granada is a city of Spain's colonial architecture that is well maintained. The building is pastel striped like crayons stacked in a box. Many of the buildings have been restored to display their elegance, but there remains the hallmark on this building. Don't miss the 16th-century Iglesia de la Merced, which is also one of th…

How to eat healthy while traveling

Before traveling a long distance, the traveler should know how to eat healthy while traveling.

Cannot be denied, maintaining food intake during a vacation is quite difficult. The desire to always eat, and chew something cannot be unstoppable again, the purpose was to avoid boredom on the way. Unwittingly, the snack that's what precisely makes your journey becomes unhealthy.

If a traveler wants to stay abreast of the rules of healthy eating while traveling, there is no harm in eating healthy snacks that are rich in nutrients and makes you full. What's it? The following five of them as reported by The Health Site:

1. Dried fruits

Who says the fruits it was boring? You can try dried fruits like dates, apricot, plums, mangoes and has many nutrients to supplement energy when traveling. Eat dried fruits when traveling is a way to get the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

2. Trail Mix

Have you ever heard of this food? Trail mix is a type of healthy snacks. Usually consists of granola…