How to Vacation Cheaply in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Holiday to Brisbane and Gold Coast in Australia does not have to be expensive. A traveler can enjoy vacation cheaply in Brisbane and Gold Coast. There are a variety of exciting holiday activities at little or even free that could be enjoyed.

Brisbane and Gold Coast offers a variety of interesting sights, from the green nature, zoos, beaches and more. Indeed many of the attractions are paid, but many are also affordable and free.

The information collected from the Tourism and Events Queensland, how to vacation cheaply in Brisbane and Gold Coast as follows:


1. Take a free ferry boat

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the River in Brisbane with a boat ride for free? Just try riding CityHopper. The Ferry that operates since 1 July 2012 and then this will bring traveler sailed from Sydney Street to North Quay.

CityHopper Ferry in Brisbane
Ferry at Brisbane (Photo: Nick-D)

The vessel operates every 30 minutes since morning at 06.00am until midnight local time. Travelers stayed just select wanted to sail in the morning, noon or night.

2. A walking tour for free

Brisbane indeed unmitigated pampering tourists. In addition to the free boat ride, there are also free walking tours that held by Brisbane Greeters. While on a walking tour, there is a guide who will accompany.

The guides will tell you about the wide variety of exciting stories that relate to the city. While listening to the guides tell you, the traveler can also take pictures at different angles instagenic.

3. Bicycle ride around town

Another option is to drive around town and save money by riding a bicycle. You can rent bicycles from CityCycle to enjoy Brisbane. Available 2,000 bikes at 150 dots in various corners of the city. For the price, starting from AUD $2 for 24-hour access.

How to Vacation Cheaply in Brisbane bicycle
Source: (Tourism and Events Queensland)

This CityCycle be the transportation options fast, affordable and fun. Of course also as an alternative to a short trip by car, public transportation or walking.

4. Culinary tour in EatStreet Markets

EatStreet Markets are arguably the biggest culinary as a market in Brisbane, where there is an awful lot of variety of foods there. While enjoying the food, usually there are also live performances of music that entertain visitors.

Source: (Tourism and Events Queensland)
EatStreet Markets is open every Friday and Saturday at 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm local time. And Sunday 11.00 am until 7.00 pm in the night.

5. Enjoy the morning at Southbank

Relax in the morning before continuing to explore Brisbane, excitedly come to Southbank. You can swim at Streets Beach.

Enjoy the morning at Southbank in Brisbane
Source: (Tourism and Events Queensland)

Streets Beach is the only artificial Beach in Australia which is in the middle of the city. After swimming, you can continue to hang out in the Cafe while drinking coffee and enjoying the beautiful scenery around.

Gold Coast

1. See the Gold Coast from a height in the Q1 Building

the Gold Coast from a height in the Q1 Building
Source: (Tourism and Events Queensland)
Gold Coast is a coastal town with spectacular views of the beaches. In addition to being able to enjoy the fresh playing on the beach directly, see views of the coastline length from the height also attracted a try during the holidays there.

You can come to SkyPoint Observation Deck on level 77, the Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise. At a cost of AUD $14, you can see views of the Gold Coast coastline on one side, and building skyscrapers on the other.

2. Feeding the pelicans

Feeding the pelicans in Gold Coast for Holiday
Source: (Tourism and Events Queensland)

Activity feeds the pelicans being held every day at 1.30 pm at the restaurant Charis Seafoods. The address is at 371 Marine Parade, Labrador QLD 4215. This can be witnessed by the traveler with no extra cost.

We recommend that you arrive early in order to get the maximum experience. Grab a basket of seafood or fresh oysters from Charis Seafoods. Then watch the pelicans begin to gather before feeding time began.

3. Sightseeing tour by bus

Tour buses in Gold Coast
Source: (Tourism and Events Queensland)
For tourists who want to go around the Gold Coast, it is recommended to ride tour buses and trams with G: Link GoExplore card. By paying AUD $10, the traveler gets unlimited access to G: Link tram and bus ride.

G: Link connect the 16 stations ranging from Surfers Paradise to Broadbeach, where the traveler can hang out with friendly locals. Take advantage of the use of the card with a maximum, for example to a recreational park or simply take a bus and tram hopping around town.

4. Shopping with cheap price at Harbour Town Outlet Mall

A holiday on the Gold Coast is not complete without shopping. For those who want to shop at friendly prices, try just came to Harbour Town. There are more than 220 stores selling a variety of goods from Australia and international brand.

Items such as clothes, many of which are discounted. So a traveler can get more stuff at affordable prices.

5. Visit a local market Gold Coast

local markets in Gold Coast
Source: (Tourism and Events Queensland)

Before the end of the holiday on the Gold Coast, visit their local market used to be. Handicrafts, clothes, groceries and so on can be bought on the market. All free visit and usually a lot of traders who give free samples. Selling price is even negotiable.

Of the many markets in the Gold Coast, there are at least three that so favorites. The first is the Miami Marketta, which is open every Friday and Saturday. In this market sell street food, wine and beer with live music entertainment.

Then there is NightQuarter which is also open every Friday and Saturday. This is the culinary market where a traveler can experience ' eat like a local. The market is also touted as the greatest creative playground on the Gold Coast.

One more, there is a Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets. A traveler can visit every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night at the beach.


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