Place of interest in Japan, Mount Komagatake

In addition to the Mount Fuji, in Japan there is also not less beautiful mountain is named Mount Komagatake, one of the places of interest in Japan. Tours in the mountain, travelers can ride the aerial lift to the top, with views of the beautiful.

Place of interest in Japan mount Komagatake

Visiting Japan is not always modern urban. Japan also has many natural attractions that pamper the eyes. Please try coming to a peak of Komagatake, you will be amazed by the beauty has to offer.

Mount Komagatake is 1,327 meters-tall lava dome created resulting from the eruption of Mount Hakone tens of thousands of years ago. This could be an alternative for you to make a tour in Japan.

To reach this place is very easy. Japan has the technology to reach high enough. You don't have to climb to get tired of being at the peak of Komagatake.

Hakone Komagatake Ropeway is the aerial lift that can take you to the top to enjoy the beauty of Hakone. You only need to buy tickets for 1,080 Yen for the round trip. Hakone-en is the entrance to can ride the cable car.

When the aerial lift ride to the top, stand on the right position so that the traveler can see the beauty of Lake Ashinoko and forests as well as mountains surrounding it. The aerial lift travel in one direction for seven minutes with mileage 1,800 meters, with a capacity of 100 passengers.

Place of interest in Japan lake Ashi lake Ashinoko

Arriving at the Summit, the traveler will find such a broad Canyon with a sky blue background that is so enchanting. Here you can also enjoy the beauty of the entire Lake Ashi as far as the eye can see. The only building on the Summit of this mountain is a temple that was built on the top of the Gorge to spirituality and veneration of Shinto in the history of Japan.

Forest surrounding mount Komagatake place of interest in Japan

After enjoying the beauty of nature, it's time to back down. And all the way down, the traveler can enjoy the beauty of Mt. Fuji from the cable cars. Curious to feel to ride the aerial lift and enjoy the place of interest in Japan? Just try this place!


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