A place of interest should a traveler visit in China

In southern China, precisely in Yunnan, there is a most romantic lake named Blue Moon Valley, a place of interest should a traveler visit in China

A place of interest should a traveler visit in China
Blue Moon Valley (Source: zukenhoang/Instagram)

Blue Moon Valley is a lake located in Yulong, Lijiang, Yunnan province in China. Set in mountains and forests, this Lake will hypnotize every traveler who comes, as gathered from various sources.

Don't believe it? Try to imagine a collection of colored water Toska soft, the fog behind the mountains and the trees around the Lake. This is a privileged view from Blue Moon Valley.

The romantic lake place of interest in China
(Source: charles_wang_sg/Instagram)

It is located in the Valley of the mountains, the Lake is indeed a really beautiful and exotic like Blue Moon Toska. Yes, as the name suggests.

On one side of the Lake, there is a circular terrace as Pamukkale Water Terrace in Turkey.
The arrangement of circular terrace makes Blue Moon Valley appears to be the more beautiful to be photographed.

Not just a circular terrace of the composition, at the end of the Lake there is a waterfall that is not too high but increasingly beautify the Lake. It's like each visitor who set foot in the Lake is unrelentingly awed by its beauty.

A very beautiful watercolor is indeed the main attraction of the Blue Moon Valley. So there is the legend of the local people, Nakhi, that Lake water gets its blue color from a raft brought by the gods to the Valley.

place of interest in China
(Source: fajarirwan/Instagram)

But in fact, the river that comes from the melting of snow in the Himalayas get Toska or color Turquoise from the copper ion contained in the water. The water continued to advance and accumulated in the Lake, and eventually become a Blue Moon Valley.

In addition to the colored water toska soft, in the middle of the Lake, there is a tree that is not a leaf. Only living stems and twigs, this tree stand upright alone and was named Lonely Tree.

Although it's been pretty, not make the Chinese Government closed eyes with this place. Blue Moon Valley still adorned with a combination of flowers, canyons, and artificial grasslands that surround the Lake.

Because of its beauty and romantic place, many couples who made it as a place for pre-wedding photo shoots. Even the nickname of the Lake is the most place of interest in China.


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