Unique Lava Lake Of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii

Gorgeous already, but what about the Lake of lava? Not making this up, indeed, there is unique lava Lake at Mount Kilauea Hawaii.

Unique Lava Lake Of Mount Kilauea Hawaii
The Lava flow of Mount Kilauea (Source: BBC Travel)
In addition to being a favorite vacation destination for tourists, Hawaii also has many active volcanoes. One of them is Mount Kilauea, which is 48 Km from Hilo.

Based on tourist sites in Hawaii, Mount Kilauea is indeed known as the mount which has a lasting lava. Uniquely, the eruption of Halemaumau Crater creates which there are filled by lava.

When viewed from above, it sure looks like the crater lake which contains endless lava. The uniqueness of the chick over the lengthy process.

On January 3, 1983, mount Kilauea erupted and kept active until now. One of the proof is a lava flow on the volcano that continues to burn and flows endlessly. For the people of Hawaii, the mountain is also considered sacred because it is referred to as the residence of the Goddess Pele.

Other facts of every day Mount Kilauea produce 250-650 thousand cubic meters of lava every day. Any experts predict the new eruption if will end 100 years.

The Lava lake of Mount Kilauea (Source: National Park Service)

Therefore, mount Kilauea is inserted into one of the world's Biosphere Site and world heritage site by UNESCO. The mountain was also entered in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, along with Mt Maunaloa.

But though it is a natural disaster, in fact, the mountain Kilauea and the crater Halemaumau became extreme attractions of interest. A traveler curious and want to see be first layover to Kilauea Visitor Center.

There, a traveler can see Kilauea Mountain profile through movies and meet directly with the Guide at the same time the National Park ranger. Later You will be guided if want to see the lava Lake and mountain.

For security reasons, a traveler can certainly not approaching Mount Kilauea and Halemaumau Crater directly. To view it, a traveler can come to a Museum which also becomes Jaggar location monitoring.

From a safe distance on-site monitoring, a traveler could see lava hot turbulent in Halemaumau Crater. When and where else can see craters full of lava as Hawaii?

Also note, if Jaggar Museum open daily from 8.30 am - 5.00 pm (local time). Take your time to see one of these unique natural phenomena if vacations to Hawaii.


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