16 Hokkaido points of interest should traveler visit

Hokkaido is the largest Prefecture in Japan. Besides being a metropolitan city, it also serves a wide variety of natural attractions in the beautiful and natural. There are 16 Hokkaido points of interest in the form of nature tourism that the traveler must explore if the traveler is in Hokkaido. Check out the destinations below!

1. Shiretoko National Park

Hokkaido points of interest Shiretoko National Park

Shiretoko National Park is located in eastern Hokkaido (Shiretoko Peninsula). This area has five lakes and every Lake has its beauty. There are a variety of waterfalls up to the attraction of the drift ice. Shiretoko National Park is the only national park in Hokkaido which is included into the UNESCO World Heritage site and also one of pride for residents of Japan.

2. Goryokaku

Hokkaido points of interest in Goryokaku
Photo: http://www.tabirai.net
Goryokaku is a Western-style fortress that is shaped like a star. This Fort became the special historic site. At this location, a traveler can also meet Goryokaku Tower Observatory.

3. Noboribetsu

Hokkaido points of interest in Noboribetsu
Photo: http://zekkeijapan.com

Noboribetsu is part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park. How to go to the Noboribetsu Bear Park, you can ride the aerial tramway about 5 minutes. In addition to the brown bear, the traveler can enjoy Lake Kuttara Caldera and Noboribetsu Hot Spring Village.

4. Furano Park

Hokkaido points of interest in Furano Park
Photo: https://www.mface.me
Furano Park will be more beautiful as spring. A traveler will see snow that melts and fills the Lake there, new plants start growing, such as Kobushi magnolia flower, Sakura, and Rhododendron. The traveler will also be accompanied by the sound of birds that could make the hearts of the more pleased.

5. Daisetsuzan National Park

Hokkaido points of interest in Daisetsuzan National Park
Photo: https://www.easyvoyage.co.uk

In addition to the Shiretoko National Park in Hokkaido have national park is touted as the biggest National Park in Hokkaidō. The Park is the Daisetsuzan National Park. Around the site, there is a mountainous area that is still natural and original. This place is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. In addition, it features a resort onsen with the beautiful natural scenery.

6. Akan National Park

Hokkaido points of interest in Akan National Park
Photo: https://good-hokkaido.info

The Akan National park has 3 beautiful lakes, Lake Akan, Lake Kussharo, and Lake Mashu. Lake Akan is a habitat of the population of the marimo is a rare green ball-shaped algae. Lake Mashu is known as the most beautiful Lake in Japan because the water is very clear and also views of the surrounding mountains with the blue sky like a painting.

In addition, Lake Kussharo Lake is the largest in the Akan National Park, and have several outdoor hot springs, some of which can be enjoyed for free.

7. Kaminoko Ike

Hokkaido points of interest in Kaminoko Ike
Photo: http://www.kiyosatokankou.com

Kaminoko Ike/Kaminoko Pond is located to the East of Hokkaido. This is a natural pond with a depth of 5 meters. This Lake has crystal clear water to the base of the pond. And at a certain moment, the pond water can change color to green emeralds.

8. Kamuiwakka Waterfalls

Hokkaido points of interest in Kamuiwakka waterfalls
Photo: https://trip-s.world

Kamuiwakka is a waterfall located in Shari-Cho, Hokkaido. There are hot springs which are often visited by citizens. Many large rocks around the site and take visitors up to the top of the waterfall to witness and enjoy the natural scenery in the Kamuiwakka Water Falls.

9. Taushubetsugawa Bridge

Hokkaido points of interest Taushubetsugawa Bridge
Photo: https://www.instagram.com/superturtless/

Taushubetsugawa Bridge is an old concrete bridge in Hokkaido located in Kamishihoro-Cho, Hokkaido. This location has the term Bridge of Illusion because the curve of the bridge can be lost and arise again in a certain season. The suitable time to visit between December until March.

10. Unkai Terrace

Hokkaido points of interest Unkai Terrace
Photo: https://www.snowtomamu.jp

Unkai Terrace or Sea of Clouds is the most beautiful sights in Tomamu, Hokkaido. The location is famous for its golf courses in summer and skiing in winter. Unkai Terrace built on top of a mountain with an altitude of 1,080 meters above sea level, a traveler can see views of the cloud around it. In addition, the cafe is also available here and a page specifically for yoga and gymnastics.

11. Aoi Ike

Hokkaido points of interest Aoi Ike
Photo: http://www.visionsoftravel.org

Aoi Ike or Blue Pond has wonderful natural beauty. If you come in winter snow, Blue Pond will not open because it snowed. If a traveler wants to visit, it would be better if the summer, because it will show the beauty of this pool.

12. Cape Kamui
Hokkaido Points of interest Cape Kamui
Photo: https://www.thewanderingsuitcase.com

Cape Kamui is surrounded by blue sea (sea of Japan) with a very beautiful natural panorama. Cape Kamui is a part of Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park.

13. Himawari No Sato
Hokkaido points of interest Himawari No Sato
Photo: https://4travel.jp

Himawari No Sato or Sunflower Field is landscaping the sprawling sunflowers like bright yellow carpet, it is located in Hokuryu-Cho. In summer, the sunflowers will be blooming in mid-July to August.

14. Lavender Hatake

Hokkaido points of interest Lavender Hatake
Photo: https://matcha-jp.com

Lavender Hatake is located in Furano which is desert lavender flowers are very beautiful. The most appropriate time to come here is the month of July. The flowers of lavender has been managed well by Tomita Farm.

15. Floral garden Moss Phlox Subulata

Hokkaido points of interest of floral garden Moss Phlox Subulata
Photo: https://id.pinterest.com/shoppingriddle/

This flower garden is known as the flower garden shibazakura, the largest flower garden in Japan and its location at Ozora-Cho. In the month of may until June, the traveler will see the city sights of Ozora with the beauty of shibazakura flower in pink.

16. Golden Pavilion

Hokkaido points of interest of Golden Pavilion
Photo: https://www.trover.com/u/iliyanginov

The Golden Pavilion or Kinkakuji or Rokuonji is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Japan. Here, a traveler can enjoy fresh hot tea in the Tea Garden around the temple and bring home typical souvenirs that can be purchased in the souvenir shops around the Golden Pavilion. Formerly, it was the resting place of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu after retirement. However, it has now been opened to tourists.

A traveler will not be disappointed when traveling to Hokkaidō. There are many points of interest to fill the vacation for the traveler in the world. The transportation toward Hokkaido is also very easy.  Get to know the transportation in Hokkaido.

The most important for the traveler is the preparation of what is to be prepared. Like the budget, health, information, and so on. Plan well before the tour to Hokkaido.


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