10 Essential Gear that must be brought for Hiking to the mountain for beginners

10 Essential Gear that must be brought for Hiking to the mountain for beginners

For some people, hiking to the Summit of the mountain is the way to enjoy the natural beauty that is not ordinary. Especially hiking for beginners.

Even though it looks easy, it's hiking is very tiring. Climbing a mountain with an elevation of 1000-2000 meters, it could take a day trip over.

So, hiking is not just fun, but also stressful. In addition to physical needs, you are also obliged to prepare some equipment or ancillary activity hiking gears.

Well, as a reference for you, here are 10 Essential Gear that must be brought for hiking to the mountain for beginners. What's it?


Just not enough tents. In order to make you comfortable beds, sleeping bag is mandatory in the next gear. Sleeping bag has two kinds of ingredients, the first is the fiber synthetic and the second is goose down. Well, by choosing material from goose down got the function can warm the body more effective. While the synthetic fibers have the ability to dry out more quickly. Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20 Degree Quilt and Drift 20 SR from Brooks-Range Mountaineering could be the choice.


The backpack is gear hiking that should not be forgotten. With this gear, you can load an awful lot needs for hike ranging from clothing, food supplies to other safety equipment. Backpack or bag a good mountable to withstand loads up to 50-60 liters. A good backpack use polyester which is strong and waterproof. Osprey Aether AG 60 and Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Southwest are two products that simply recommended the hikers.


Visibility while hiking is not predictable. Even though you decided to climb during the day, the fog would interfere with the view of you. Therefore, a hiking headlamp will be helpful. No need to buy expensive, most important is to highlight the rays as far as 20-30 meters ahead. In addition, a good compulsory hiking headlamp easy to use, especially the button to turn on and the battery is long lasting. Design of Petzl Tikka and Neo from Ledlenser you can choose according to your needs.

mountain image for hiking for beginners


Trekking pole or a familiar accosted stick climber is the next mandatory gear. Its function is obvious, ease you hiked up a steep land contour. In addition, trekking pole could also alleviate the work of the upper body when you feel tired. Made of iron, trekking pole design have many kinds. There is a folded, there's also pulled out for use. Leki Micro Varia Ti Cor-Tec DSS is the most recommended products.


Hiking requires extra energy. Therefore, nutritious food for hiking should not be missed. In addition to food, the stove is an extra gear that must be brought in to warm the food. Compared to a regular stove, stove hiking weighs no more than one kilogram. Made of titanium that will rust resistant, good stove must have ability heats 20 percent faster than normal. Optimus Elektra FE Cook System and Snow Peak Litemax Titanium Stove could be the choice.


This gear is very crucial, especially if you decide to stay overnight. A tent for a hiking tent with tent certainly different in General. In addition to light, tent hiking should have legs an elastic buffer. So, when the wind hit the tent, not easy to tumble down. There are two marquee products that you can wear for hiking, Sierra Designs Divine Light 2 FL as well as Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL 2.


Warm water supply is very crucial when you are hiking. Well, the presence of the thermos can help you warm up the body from the extreme weather at the moment at the top of the mountain. Made of aluminum, a good thermos should have the adiabatic system, where water is in it would not affect by environmental conditions outside. The design of the most sophisticated thermos has used additional polyester outer part. Products from Vapur, Eclipse could be the best option.


Choose the mountain shoes or hiking boot is not the same as selecting the shoes in General. In addition to having to think about the material, good mountain shoes/hiking boot could facilitate its use in accelerates. However, the most important is a mandatory mountain shoes/hiking boot have soles serrated to bite on the ground. You should also pay attention to the neck of the shoe, which is known for its low cut, high cut, and mid cut. Garmont Tower Trek GTX is the most recommended products.


Extreme weather may slow the acceleration of hiker while climbing. Well, it takes a mountain jacket to warm the body. Hybrid mountain jacket design turns out to be more trend among climbers. With synthetic fiber materials outside so that dry fast, good mountain jacket features layers of wool on the inside to hold warm so that it is not easily detached. The design of the jacket from the Brooks-Range Mountaineering Hybrid LT is highly recommended for beginner hikers first time hiking.


Gear on this one you can use in emergency situations. Good knives should be light and sharp. Made of iron, folding knives or pocket knives are stainless so that should also not harm the user. Leatherman Skeletool KBx is products you can choose to take a hike.

The above explanation is important mandatory gear brought to Hiking to the mountain for beginners, which I took from my personal experience compare with a variety of hiker. Maybe useful for the hiker especially for beginner or expert. Have a nice hiking!


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