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16 Hokkaido points of interest should traveler visit

Hokkaido is the largest Prefecture in Japan. Besides being a metropolitan city, it also serves a wide variety of natural attractions in the beautiful and natural. There are 16 Hokkaido points of interest in the form of nature tourism that the traveler must explore if the traveler is in Hokkaido. Check out the destinations below!

1. Shiretoko National Park

Shiretoko National Park is located in eastern Hokkaido (Shiretoko Peninsula). This area has five lakes and every Lake has its beauty. There are a variety of waterfalls up to the attraction of the drift ice. Shiretoko National Park is the only national park in Hokkaido which is included into the UNESCO World Heritage site and also one of pride for residents of Japan.

2. Goryokaku

Goryokaku is a Western-style fortress that is shaped like a star. This Fort became the special historic site. At this location, a traveler can also meet Goryokaku Tower Observatory.

3. Noboribetsu

Noboribetsu is part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park. How to go to…

One of the ways how to save money on holiday in Dubai

Tourist attractions in Dubai come with a range of. Surely any tourists wanting to try one by one such tourist attraction. If traveling to Dubai, of course, the traveler should also know how to save money to enjoy a holiday in Dubai.

Well, even though many of the tourist attractions, you do not need to worry to enjoy holidays to Dubai. Now, Dubai offers a more cost-efficient for travelers to enjoy the wide variety of tourist attractions.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai, Dubai Tourism has launched a Dubai Pass which is a prepaid card.

In addition to providing ease of cashless transactions, the traveler can also save up to 60 percent.

The Dubai card Pass has been available starting May 16, 2018, that offers two packages i.e. package ' select ' and ' unlimited '. Dubai Pass can also be purchased for much of the day.

When a traveler using this card, the traveler can access 33 attractions and can also explore the city. Some of them can visit the Bu…

10 Essential Gear that must be brought for Hiking to the mountain for beginners

For some people, hiking to the Summit of the mountain is the way to enjoy the natural beauty that is not ordinary. Especially hiking for beginners.

Even though it looks easy, it's hiking is very tiring. Climbing a mountain with an elevation of 1000-2000 meters, it could take a day trip over.

So, hiking is not just fun, but also stressful. In addition to physical needs, you are also obliged to prepare some equipment or ancillary activity hiking gears.

Well, as a reference for you, here are 10 Essential Gear that must be brought for hiking to the mountain for beginners. What's it?


Just not enough tents. In order to make you comfortable beds, sleeping bag is mandatory in the next gear. Sleeping bag has two kinds of ingredients, the first is the fiber synthetic and the second is goose down. Well, by choosing material from goose down got the function can warm the body more effective. While the synthetic fibers have the ability to dry out more quickly. Enlightened Equip…

6 Tips To Plan A Dream Vacation

When talking about a dream vacation, of course, we are not simply talking about the holidays out of town only 2-3 hours from where you live. Travelers must have destination vacation dreams are made of, namely vacation abroad. A Traveler must know tips for planning a dream vacation

Unfortunately, most of us will direct ' surrender ' to realize the dream vacation that's because felt had no sufficient budget. But, if you know what preparation needs to be done, in fact, it is not impossible to realize the dream vacation you.

Here are some tips to plan a dream vacation from some of the travelers who successfully realize their dream vacation after planning.

1. A Traveler should know how much budget is needed

So a traveler can do more detailed planning, then the traveler should know the budget needed for the ' big ' holidays. Based on a survey conducted for Visa, the average traveler spending about USA $2.390 on their last vacation. A Traveler should diligently research …

How to Vacation Cheaply in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Holiday to Brisbane and Gold Coast in Australia does not have to be expensive. A traveler can enjoy vacation cheaply in Brisbane and Gold Coast. There are a variety of exciting holiday activities at little or even free that could be enjoyed.

Brisbane and Gold Coast offers a variety of interesting sights, from the green nature, zoos, beaches and more. Indeed many of the attractions are paid, but many are also affordable and free.

The information collected from the Tourism and Events Queensland, how to vacation cheaply in Brisbane and Gold Coast as follows:


1. Take a free ferry boat

Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the River in Brisbane with a boat ride for free? Just try riding CityHopper. The Ferry that operates since 1 July 2012 and then this will bring traveler sailed from Sydney Street to North Quay.

The vessel operates every 30 minutes since morning at 06.00am until midnight local time. Travelers stayed just select wanted to sail in the morning, noon or night.

2. A wal…

Unique Lava Lake Of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii

Gorgeous already, but what about the Lake of lava? Not making this up, indeed, there is unique lava Lake at Mount Kilauea Hawaii.

In addition to being a favorite vacation destination for tourists, Hawaii also has many active volcanoes. One of them is Mount Kilauea, which is 48 Km from Hilo.

Based on tourist sites in Hawaii, Mount Kilauea is indeed known as the mount which has a lasting lava. Uniquely, the eruption of Halemaumau Crater creates which there are filled by lava.

When viewed from above, it sure looks like the crater lake which contains endless lava. The uniqueness of the chick over the lengthy process.

On January 3, 1983, mount Kilauea erupted and kept active until now. One of the proof is a lava flow on the volcano that continues to burn and flows endlessly. For the people of Hawaii, the mountain is also considered sacred because it is referred to as the residence of the Goddess Pele.

Other facts of every day Mount Kilauea produce 250-650 thousand cubic meters of lava eve…

Place of interest in Japan, Mount Komagatake

In addition to the Mount Fuji, in Japan there is also not less beautiful mountain is named Mount Komagatake, one of the places of interest in Japan. Tours in the mountain, travelers can ride the aerial lift to the top, with views of the beautiful.

Visiting Japan is not always modern urban. Japan also has many natural attractions that pamper the eyes. Please try coming to a peak of Komagatake, you will be amazed by the beauty has to offer.

Mount Komagatake is 1,327 meters-tall lava dome created resulting from the eruption of Mount Hakone tens of thousands of years ago. This could be an alternative for you to make a tour in Japan.

To reach this place is very easy. Japan has the technology to reach high enough. You don't have to climb to get tired of being at the peak of Komagatake.

Hakone Komagatake Ropeway is the aerial lift that can take you to the top to enjoy the beauty of Hakone. You only need to buy tickets for 1,080 Yen for the round trip. Hakone-en is the entrance to can ri…

A place of interest should a traveler visit in China

In southern China, precisely in Yunnan, there is a most romantic lake named Blue Moon Valley, a place of interest should a traveler visit in China

Blue Moon Valley is a lake located in Yulong, Lijiang, Yunnan province in China. Set in mountains and forests, this Lake will hypnotize every traveler who comes, as gathered from various sources.

Don't believe it? Try to imagine a collection of colored water Toska soft, the fog behind the mountains and the trees around the Lake. This is a privileged view from Blue Moon Valley.

It is located in the Valley of the mountains, the Lake is indeed a really beautiful and exotic like Blue Moon Toska. Yes, as the name suggests.

On one side of the Lake, there is a circular terrace as Pamukkale Water Terrace in Turkey.
The arrangement of circular terrace makes Blue Moon Valley appears to be the more beautiful to be photographed.

Not just a circular terrace of the composition, at the end of the Lake there is a waterfall that is not too high but inc…