The most beautiful villages in Japan in Winter

If a traveler wanted traveling to Japan in the winter, this is a village that is considered the most beautiful in there.

Traveling to the most beautiful village the Ginzan Onsen Japan

This village is the Ginzan Onsen. The village is considered to be the most interesting in Japan in winter.

Its location is in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Not only the beauty of the village, in Yamagata is also famous for the manufacture of sake.

According to experts, the cooler temperatures affect production and the taste of sake itself.
A temperature-stable cold weather always envelops the ancient Ginzan Onsen in winter.

The most beautiful villages in Japan in Winter Ginzan Onsen

Located on the edge of the mountain, in winter, all the trees will be snow covered. The landscape is interspersed with white green. Ginzan Onsen can literally translate to "the hot springs in Mount
Silver ". It was named such after the Nobezawa Ginzan silver mine, which operated during the Edo period or about five centuries ago.

Ginzan Onsen is located in natural hot springs. Then it is no wonder there is a traditional Inn Japan is so pretty.

The historic building in Ginzan Onsen

This historic building lined up on both sides of the road and overlooks the river Ginzan. The river that flows through the Centre of the village of Ginzan Onsen.

There is also a 22-meter-high waterfall, wooden bridges, and hot springs. This was the idea on a picture postcard there.

How to get there:
From Tokyo station, it takes 3.5 hours drive to the JR Yamagata Shinkansen towards Oishida Station. Then, the traveler should ride the bus at the station Oishida and continue the journey as long as 40 minutes to the Ginzan Onsen.


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