A place to visit in Latvia, Venta Rapid the widest Waterfall in Europe

A waterfall in Latvia is unique and became traveling reference for a traveler. The name Venta Rapid, nicknamed the widest waterfall in Europe. However high waterfalls less than 2 meters.

The Venta Rapid or Ventas Rumba is a unique natural phenomenon in Latvia. This waterfall is located in the town of Kuldiga, as summarized from various sources.

Beautiful The Venta Rapid the widest Waterfall in Europe
(Source: Instagram)
 This waterfall has an area of 200-250 square meters depending on the season. Nevertheless, this waterfall has a height that is quite astounding, i.e. less than 2 meters.

Due to the height that does not resemble a waterfall, Ventas Rumba is less known in mainland Europe. However, height is not the lack of this waterfall.

It is thus becoming an attraction for travelers whose hobby fishing. Because the area of the waterfall into a favorite place of salmon to migrate.

According to the story, about 300 years ago, Duke of Courland creating techniques to catch fish. Unmitigated, the result of her catch 100 salmon per day.

the widest Waterfall in Europe Venta Rapid Latvia
(Source: Instagram)
Just by using baskets placed along the waterfall, the Duke of Courland popularized way of catching fish without a fishing tool. This method was eventually followed by the fishermen and became popular.

Now, Ventas Rumba became the only place to catch fish without a fishing tool in Europe. Fish that jump would be easily captured by the traveler.

In addition to catching fish, a traveler visiting here can also bathe or just soak in the waterfall area. There is also a brick bridge was built in 1874.

If it comes in the middle of summer, the traveler can see the Race of the Naked tradition held each year.

Therefore, let's pay a visit to the waterfall in Latvia is to fill your holiday. Because this place is one of the great places to visit in Latvia for the traveler.


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