One of places of interest in Belgium, Pretty Blue forest Hallerbos

In Belgium, there is a green forest area in once a year turn into blue.
Reference from various sources, the forest is called the forest Hallerbos or known by The Blue Forest. Here, there is the phenomenon of green forest transforms into a blue-colored due to the blooming Bluebells Flower in the spring. Therefore, here is one of the places of interest in Belgium for a traveler to visit
Pretty Blue forest Hallerbos picture
The forest Hallerbos (Thinkstock)

Floral Bluebells growing in forest area covering an area of 569 hectares. At the time of these flowers are blooming, green forest overlay directly transformed into the blue. This very pretty floral and Captivate the eye of anyone.

Hallebos forest is in the city of Halle, Belgium. Each year the forest is always visited by thousands of people to see the Bluebells bloomed Flower. The best time to visit is mid-April to mid-May.

Hallebos forest is an area belonging to the Government of Belgium. This area was once the property of the Abbey of St. Waltrudis in the 7th century. Later in the 13th century became the property of the Lords of Brussels and in the 17th century most of the property of the Duke of Arenberg. Even the forest at that time was extended to more than 1125 hectares.

In the year 1794 France invasion and this forest belong to the Republic of France. Then move belongs to the Netherlands after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. During World War I, the armies of Germany seized the forest and cut down all the trees and destroying the great region.

Until in the year 1929, it only left an area of 569 hectares and belongs to the State of Belgium. The region also improved, developed and protected as of now.

For the traveler who wants to come here are prohibited from picking flowers because it's destructive nature. Please take a photo and don't ruin it.


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