7 hotels with views of the beautiful Aurora

Are there any among the traveler who dreamed of seeing auroras? If Yes, you'll find it at the following 7 Hotels.

In the winter would be the right moment of seeing the aurora in November to mid-April. Because of the opportunity to witness the natural phenomenon that had begun when the snow began to fall.
The following 7 hotels with views of the beautiful auroras are also providing tasty, thick blankets, heating and fireplace.

1. Levin Iglut, Lapland, Finland

There are 24 greenhouses in lodging Levin Iglut in the hills of Lapland, Finland. His bed is the focal point where the traveler can customize it so that it can see the auroras. Every igloo or small House also offers a private bathroom with heated floors, kitchenettes, Bluetooth speakers and complimentary breakfast.
Beautiful aurora at Levin Iglut, Lapland, Finland
(Source: CNN Travel)
The elegant Conservatory was constructed directly facing the hillsides. Other amenities that you will enjoy are a private sauna and a fireplace and also observing the sky at night from the panoramic window or while soaking in a warm bath.

2. Gourmet Arctic Cabin, Kiruna, Sweden

It has small houses, each of which can be used for two guests. Located on the northern tip of Sweden, a traveler could photograph the aurora in the absence of light pollution.
Awesome Aurora Picture at Gourmet Arctic Cabin, Kiruna, Sweden
(Source: CNN Travel)
A Gourmet Arctic Cabin could be one of the best places to capture the moment of occurrence of auroras. A traveler who wants to stay there it is recommended between mid-September and mid-April.

3. Northern Lights Resort & Spa, Whitehorse, Canada

From the name alone already plastered description about advantages of this resort. A traveler's stay is recommended between the months of November to April.
Best Aurora picture at Northern Lights Resort & Spa, Whitehorse, Canada
(Source: CNN Travel)

In addition to the main things above, it also offers a dog-drawn sled. Surely it is a memorable experience especially if light aurora in the setting.

4. Iniakuk Lake Wilderness Lodge Iniakuk Lake, Alaska

The Inn is at the distance of 100 km from the Arctic circle. A ski plane will pick up traveler in Fairbanks and after two hours, you will land on the mountain Brooks.
Fresh Aurora Picture at Iniakuk lake Wilderness Lodge Iniakuk Lake, Alaska
(Source: CNN Travel)
You can order a photographic safari during the night to hunt down five auroras are guided by professional photographers. This tour is available only in February and March when auroral activity reached its peak.

5. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta, Norway

Located on the banks of the river Alta, hotels that claim to be the biggest ice hotel and the northernmost in the world. All made of ice including artistic details such as chandeliers and sculptures with extensive it reached nearly 8 acres.
Awesome Aurora Picture at Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta, Norway
(Source: CNN Travel)
If an overnight stay in one of 30 rooms, a traveler will stay comfortable sleep in a warm sleeping bag. To view the Aurora, a traveler can take photos while touring sled reindeer.

6. Seal River Heritage Lodge, Churchill, Canada

Secluded cottage in the province of Manitoba, Canada this will give the traveler an unforgettable experience. The area is claimed to be one of the best places in the world to see the light of the aurora and also a haven for wildlife.
Best Aurora Picture at Seal River Heritage Lodge, Churchill, Canada
(Source: CNN Travel)
To be able to experience the extraordinary, a traveler is recommended to visit this place in October or November. Because at the time of the season where the usual popping of polar bears.

7. Ranga Hotel, Hella, Iceland

Even though it is only two hours from Iceland's main airport, the hotel is far away from the city. A traveler can see auroras between September to April.
Awesome Aurora Picture at Ranga Hotel, Hella, Iceland
(Source: CNN Travel)
When viewing the aurora light show, the hotel offers light to shut off and provided blankets to stay warm when the traveler in order to enjoy the outdoors. If the traveler does not want to go to the outdoors, enjoy auroras at the Observatory hotel are equipped with several telescopes.


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