Elegant place of interest in Canada, Saint Alexis des Monts

Travel to Canada, don't forget to visit Saint Alexis, one of the places of interest in Canada that had a variety of exciting attractions. Located in the region of Maurucie, Quebec, Canada. Saint Alexis has another name for Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, but commonly called Alexis or Saint Alexis. Searchable from a variety of sources, the territory of Saint Alexis endowed by a lot of beautiful Lake.

Elegant place of interest in Canada Saint Alexis des Monts

For example on Lake Sacacomie, the traveler is not only able to see the beautiful scenery. There are also available Geos Sacacomie Spa, a place of relaxation that provides the infinity pool overlooking the Lake.

Beautiful view from Sacacomie hotel Saint Alexis des Monts Canada

There is also a Zoo, St. Édouard Zoo, which has a vast collection of animals that are unique and interesting. This Zoo is more suitable for recreation along with families and young children, since many exciting games such as tourist train and a game area.

A traveler who wants to make a tour of history and religion can pay a visit to Saint Alexis Church. This church is one of the oldest churches there.

Because of its territory that had much of the Lake, Saint Alexis also has a variety of cool themed lodging nature. Sacacomie Hotel-like, and the Auberge des Pins Rouges which have a classic interior.

Lodging and attractions there have different prices. To stay at a hotel or his class, it can be started from $73. Natural attractions such as outbound can get for free or pay, but not too expensive, such as $37 only.


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