One of the best churches with beautiful views in the world

One of the best churches with beautiful views in the world
Gergeti Trinity Church (Source: Instagram)
One of the best churches with beautiful views in the world is in Georgia. A church in Georgia is so an attraction for more adventurous tourists. Are at the top of a mountain near Mount Kazbek, this view of the Church can give the impression the traveler who visited it.

Gergeti Trinity Church or commonly known as Holy Trinity Church is somewhat unique. If usually, a House of worship located near urban areas or roads are easily accessible, the Church is situated on the mountain peaks near Mount Kazbek.

Gergeti Trinity is an active Orthodox church built in the 14th century. In the 18th century, Tbilisi Persian invasion and took valuables from Mtskheta and Holy Cross Nino for in store here. Because during the Soviet era, all religious activities were forbidden.

Not only history, the building was already a folklore store so interesting. According to Georgian folklore, used while there was a warrior named Amirani.

Awesome Gergeti Trinity Church view in Georgia
Source: (Instagram)

Amirani apparently stole fire from the gods as a gift for a fellow human being. However, Amirani caught and punished.

Amirani must undergo a prison sentence over the slopes of Mount Kazbek. According to academics, Amirani likely punished in place of Orthodox asceticism, that cave of Bethlehem or Betlemi. These caves are at 13,000 feet or 3962.4 meters above the mountain.

Behind the myth and history, Gergeti Trinity had a challenging location for the more adventurous traveler. Located in the Stolovolcano that is not active, this place has an altitude of 7,720 feet or approximately 2353 meters and is pretty easily accessible.

The best churches in the world Gergeti Trinity Church in Georgia
Source: (Instagram)

A traveler who wants to be here any time required to bring the Guide. Because the Church is entered into the seventh highest peak in the Caucasus.

Once up on top, all sense of tired due to climbing will be paid off because of the beauty of the landscape. You will be hypnotized to unable to say anything. Fill your vacation with an adventure to visit the church with beautiful views in Georgia.


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