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One of the best churches with beautiful views in the world

One of the best churches with beautiful views in the world is in Georgia. A church in Georgia is so an attraction for more adventurous tourists. Are at the top of a mountain near Mount Kazbek, this view of the Church can give the impression the traveler who visited it.

Gergeti Trinity Church or commonly known as Holy Trinity Church is somewhat unique. If usually, a House of worship located near urban areas or roads are easily accessible, the Church is situated on the mountain peaks near Mount Kazbek.

Gergeti Trinity is an active Orthodox church built in the 14th century. In the 18th century, Tbilisi Persian invasion and took valuables from Mtskheta and Holy Cross Nino for in store here. Because during the Soviet era, all religious activities were forbidden.

Not only history, the building was already a folklore store so interesting. According to Georgian folklore, used while there was a warrior named Amirani.

Amirani apparently stole fire from the gods as a gift for a fellow human bei…

The Beautiful Thermal Baths of Terme di Saturnia in Italy

A hot spring is so attractive in Italy. Not just outdoor, it is endowed with super pretty views and waterfalls.

 A village in Tuscany, Saturnia have an attractive destination for tourists. Is the Terme di Saturnia, natural geothermal baths that are rated very pretty.

This bath is formed naturally. Surrounded by the Tuscan countryside, this bath has many open shallow ponds.

Just imagine, you're soaking in hot springs in Italy but have overlooked the vast hills of green and spacious ... It felt all tired in the city will be lost.

The hot water comes from bathing in the waterfall that is not too much high. Only about 3 meters, then the water flows into a pond of the composition.

This bath is always crowded when spring arrives. As if you were on a giant outdoor jacuzzi.
The springs of Terme di Saturnia has been around since 3000 years ago. The temperature of the water reaches 37 degrees Celsius. Arguably, this was the hereditary wealth of the residents of Tuscany.

Anyone who soaks in…

A place to visit in Latvia, Venta Rapid the widest Waterfall in Europe

A waterfall in Latvia is unique and became traveling reference for a traveler. The name Venta Rapid, nicknamed the widest waterfall in Europe. However high waterfalls less than 2 meters.
The Venta Rapid or Ventas Rumba is a unique natural phenomenon in Latvia. This waterfall is located in the town of Kuldiga, as summarized from various sources.
 This waterfall has an area of 200-250 square meters depending on the season. Nevertheless, this waterfall has a height that is quite astounding, i.e. less than 2 meters.

Due to the height that does not resemble a waterfall, Ventas Rumba is less known in mainland Europe. However, height is not the lack of this waterfall.
It is thus becoming an attraction for travelers whose hobby fishing. Because the area of the waterfall into a favorite place of salmon to migrate.
According to the story, about 300 years ago, Duke of Courland creating techniques to catch fish. Unmitigated, the result of her catch 100 salmon per day.
Just by using baskets placed alo…

One of places of interest in Belgium, Pretty Blue forest Hallerbos

In Belgium, there is a green forest area in once a year turn into blue.
Reference from various sources, the forest is called the forest Hallerbos or known by The Blue Forest. Here, there is the phenomenon of green forest transforms into a blue-colored due to the blooming Bluebells Flower in the spring. Therefore, here is one of the places of interest in Belgium for a traveler to visit

Floral Bluebells growing in forest area covering an area of 569 hectares. At the time of these flowers are blooming, green forest overlay directly transformed into the blue. This very pretty floral and Captivate the eye of anyone.

Hallebos forest is in the city of Halle, Belgium. Each year the forest is always visited by thousands of people to see the Bluebells bloomed Flower. The best time to visit is mid-April to mid-May.

Hallebos forest is an area belonging to the Government of Belgium. This area was once the property of the Abbey of St. Waltrudis in the 7th century. Later in the 13th century became …

7 hotels with views of the beautiful Aurora

Are there any among the traveler who dreamed of seeing auroras? If Yes, you'll find it at the following 7 Hotels.

In the winter would be the right moment of seeing the aurora in November to mid-April. Because of the opportunity to witness the natural phenomenon that had begun when the snow began to fall.
The following 7 hotels with views of the beautiful auroras are also providing tasty, thick blankets, heating and fireplace.

1.Levin Iglut, Lapland, Finland

There are 24 greenhouses in lodging Levin Iglut in the hills of Lapland, Finland. His bed is the focal point where the traveler can customize it so that it can see the auroras. Every igloo or small House also offers a private bathroom with heated floors, kitchenettes, Bluetooth speakers and complimentary breakfast.
The elegant Conservatory was constructed directly facing the hillsides. Other amenities that you will enjoy are a private sauna and a fireplace and also observing the sky at night from the panoramic window or while …

Elegant place of interest in Canada, Saint Alexis des Monts

Travel to Canada, don't forget to visit Saint Alexis, one of the places of interest in Canada that had a variety of exciting attractions. Located in the region of Maurucie, Quebec, Canada. Saint Alexis has another name for Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, but commonly called Alexis or Saint Alexis. Searchable from a variety of sources, the territory of Saint Alexis endowed by a lot of beautiful Lake.

For example on Lake Sacacomie, the traveler is not only able to see the beautiful scenery. There are also available Geos Sacacomie Spa, a place of relaxation that provides the infinity pool overlooking the Lake.

There is also a Zoo, St. Édouard Zoo, which has a vast collection of animals that are unique and interesting. This Zoo is more suitable for recreation along with families and young children, since many exciting games such as tourist train and a game area.

A traveler who wants to make a tour of history and religion can pay a visit to Saint Alexis Church. This church is one of the oldes…

The most beautiful villages in Japan in Winter

If a traveler wanted traveling to Japan in the winter, this is a village that is considered the most beautiful in there.

This village is the Ginzan Onsen. The village is considered to be the most interesting in Japan in winter.

Its location is in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Not only the beauty of the village, in Yamagata is also famous for the manufacture of sake.

According to experts, the cooler temperatures affect production and the taste of sake itself.
A temperature-stable cold weather always envelops the ancient Ginzan Onsen in winter.

Located on the edge of the mountain, in winter, all the trees will be snow covered. The landscape is interspersed with white green. Ginzan Onsen can literally translate to "the hot springs in Mount
Silver ". It was named such after the Nobezawa Ginzan silver mine, which operated during the Edo period or about five centuries ago.

Ginzan Onsen is located in natural hot springs. Then it is no wonder there is a traditional Inn Japan is so pr…

6 Hotels with beautiful views in the world

1. The 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, Switzerland

The first hotel in this list is in the Gornergrat, Switzerland. The 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, the tallest hotel located in the heart of the Alps. True to its name, the hotel is above a height of 3,100 meters.
Stay at this hotel, the traveler will be treated to amazing views of the area of the Alps. It can be achieved as long as 40 minutes away by train. During the trip, we can enjoy a beautiful view of the town of Zermatt in Switzerland.

2. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, Peru

The second hotel which is at an elevation of is the area that contains many relics of the history of the Incas in Peru, known as Macchu Pichu. This hotel is Belmond Sanctuary Lodge. The hotel is located at an altitude of 2,350 meters.
In height, Belmond Sanctuary Lodge is still inferior to other hotels. But about the beauty of the scenery, this hotel has a very beautiful view. a traveler can enjoy the natural tropical rainforest a magical Peru. A traveler can be very rela…