Underwater Art Gallery of Shipwreck Park Pompano the place to visit in Florida

There is a unique gallery in Florida, USA. It lies not in the Mainland, but even under the sea. This is the first underwater gallery in the world. The first underwater gallery is located in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. The distance is 45 minutes by car from Miami. The Gallery is located in the neighborhood of the former tank ship Lady Luck, which was scuttled in July 2016.
The former ship tank was scuttled as an artificial reef. It is set at a depth of 36 meters below the sea, about 2.4 km from the coast of Pompano Beach.

(Source: shipwreckparkpompano.org)
In addition to the artificial reef, the ship became the main attraction of the underwater gallery known named Shipwreck Park Pompano. The gallery was touted as the first underwater art galleries in the world.

(Source: shipwreckparkpompano.org)
Around the ship participated on display a number of works of art such as a variety of sculpture. Some were created by artist Dennis MacDonald. He has been juggling the deck of the ship is an interesting theme with the Casino.
Then there is the statue of a mermaid, the statue of a variety of fish to giant dice. A variety of artwork is certainly made with an emphasis on the side of conservation and become artificial reefs can be a home for fish.
Travelers who want to enjoy this unique underwater gallery can rent boats from the Hillsboro Inlet and sail for 10 minutes to arrive at the location. Then proceed with the dive to the bottom of the sea.
During the visit, a traveler can freely explore the entire ship. Don't forget to bring your underwater camera, because of the many beautiful spots in the Gallery to be photographed.

(Source: shipwreckparkpompano.org)

Shipwreck Park Pompano is indeed quite popular among local and international divers. It is estimated the underwater attractions can attract the visit of about 35 thousands of divers each year.


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