One-day of vacation in Paris

If you only have a day in Paris, you still have the opportunity to visit a number of tourist attractions there. The itinerary of one-day of vacation in Paris here.

Paris had a romantic atmosphere and make sure you enjoy it. Well, start the morning in Paris from the Hill of Montmartre. In the top of the hill, there is the Church of the Sacre-Coeur Basilica. Hanging around the House while enjoying a croissant and some coffee with a view of Paris from the height.
Toward noon, come down from the Hill of Montmartre towards the legendary Notre Dame Church. When it's hungry, go to start small street Rue de la Huchette opposite Notre Dame Cathedral across the Seine River. Along the small street are many restaurants for Your culinary tour.
Off during the day, it's time towards the Eiffel Tower. Descend from the Bir-Hakeim, an elevated station of the Paris Metro,  and walk to the Eiffel Tower. From a distance, this romantic tower already invites you to come.

The most comfortable place to enjoy the Eiffel is the Champ de Mars Park and enjoy the atmosphere. Here is the romantic place.
If the afternoons, enjoy the Tuileries Garden. Buy snacks typical of France and sat together with the Parisian enjoy the round pond in the middle of the Garden until the night came. So today was a bit dark, it is recommended you go to the Louvre Museum.

Louvre Museum

If you are in Paris on Wednesday or Thursday, the Louvre Museum tickets on sale for only 6 euros and after 6 am museum has been more quiet. Even you do not need to be snatched away for a photo session with Monalisa. But if it's not Wednesday and Thursday, enjoy the glittering night at the Moulin Rouge Theatre.
Remember, don't be too long in the Louvre Museum. Right back to Eiffel to enjoy the sparkling beauty of ' stars ' who blanketed the Eiffel.
For those who want to buy a gift don't forget to schedule shopping. For shopping, there is the Galeries Lafayette as well as in the shops along the street Champ-Elysees.
If you want shopping at cheaper rates with getting into La Valle Village. But La Valle located outside of Paris. The distance is about one hour by Paris metro.


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