Beautiful Bournemouth city in The United Kingdom

Bournemouth is one of the best places to visit in the United Kingdom. A coastal town in the South of the United Kingdom in the area of Dorset. There are many tourists activities and destinations the traveler felt in this city. Its complete facilities such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes until the spa is available.

Bournemouth beach in the United Kingdom
(Source: Love Bournemouth/Facebook)
Because it is located on the coast, Bournemouth had a chic sandbar along 16km. The beaches contoured ramps and never deserted from various festivals each month.
A row of cliffs around the coast became a favorite place for traveler who likes to test the adrenaline like hiking, rock climbing, surfing and other water sports.

Surfing at Bournemouth coast in the United Kingdom
(Source: Love Bournemouth/Facebook)

Some theme parks such as Home of Peppa Pig World and Mighty Claws Adventure Golf, suitable to be visited together with family. If you want to feel the sensation of nature, Bournemouth had a garden and forest city with total extent 2,000 hectares.

Home of Peppa Pig World and Mighty Claws Adventure Golf in Bournemouth
(Source: Love Bournemouth/Facebook)

Bournemouth is about 2 hours by car from London. If you are traveling to The United Kingdom, don’t hesitate to come to Bournemouth, to enjoy the beautiful beaches.


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