The Best Places to see the beauty of Australia

Melbourne is one of the best places to see the beauty of Australia, you can see a beautiful view of the Mornington Peninsula at its highest point.  The Beautiful scenery can be seen by Eagle Ride. Beside that, by trying to ride the cable car, you are also provided with more beautiful view from the heights.

Beautiful scenery by Eagle Ride

Before the cable car ride, a traveler must buy tickets at the counter with the price is AUD 17.50 for one way and AUD 24 for back and forth.
After buying a ticket, the traveler will be allowed to board the gondola with maximum capacity up to 8 people.
Keep in mind, the gondola of Eagle Ride has 304 meters to the highest point. If you are at the highest point, the gondola will go down first before turning back to the top or the starting point.

The Cable Car of Eagle Ride to see Mornington Peninsula and Port Phillip Bay

Slowly, the gondola began running. In the distance, it appears the view of Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula. If the weather is sunny and not foggy, the traveler can see Melbourne in the distance.

The best places to see Port Phillip Bay and Mornington Peninsula

Other interesting stuff, the gondola is not fully coated glass on each side. For the given window bars. Therefore, the wind can enter.
For those of you who want to visit this place, its location is about 1 hour from Melbourne.


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